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April 13th, 2005

acidhouse @ 08:57 am: Lebsden update
IRC and its inhabitants are full of shit as per usual. I'm becoming bored of the low life antics.

Sharliss is still about.. I only bother staying on irc when she's there, otherwise it's dead.

March 6th, 2005

acidhouse @ 06:19 pm: Alanis Morisette.. Isn't it ironic? ..You wouldn't know irony if it ran on stage and bit you on the cunt. A traffic jam when you're already late is not ironic, it's fucking coincidence. Who gives a flying fuck if you find 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife? Not me. Get a grip, you moany Canadian bint.

Band Aid 20.. What a pile of shite, I hope these cunts realise that more people will "starve in Africa this Chrismas time" because I'm going to buy Grand Theft Auto 3 instead.

Spastics - You fucking lazy, degenerate, retarded dole scrounging cunts! Stop pretending and get a fucking job!

March 5th, 2005

acidhouse @ 06:55 pm: underwear
Men? Pants, Boxers or nothing?

Women? thongs, granny knickers or nothing?

Thats the question for the day.. answers on a postcard please!

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
acidhouse @ 06:54 pm: RipSnorter the bot!
We finally have a new bot in the chatroom. It's called Ripsnorter.

It's not quite as ganja-tastic as our last one but we're working on it.

For now you can send random insults to people by typing !insult and nickname


Start a game of truth or dare by typing !spinit

The bot will get cooler as time goes on... The more we corrupt Rune to our ways, the better ;)

If you think there are any insults we should definitely feature in the bot, leave them in your comments section.

Do your worst.. remember I'm ginger. (now that should get the hate pumping!)

Current Mood: chipperchipper
acidhouse @ 06:53 pm: **NEW** NigChip!
*22:37:38* [Sara] wheres my nigga gone
*22:37:50* [Chakra`] ain't no nigger like the one i love
*22:37:55* [Ech] escaped, call the NNLC
*22:37:56* [Chakra`] no one can fuck you bettarrrrrrrrrrr
*22:38:16* [Ech] National Nigger Location Company
*22:38:22* [z] m/
*22:38:32* [Chakra`] if you've lost a nigger, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire....the NNLC
*22:38:44* [Chakra`] *a team theme tune kicks in*
*22:38:57* [Sway] LOL
*22:38:57* [Chakra`] *cinematic scenes of black men running and being jumped on*
*22:39:18* [Ech] "We chip your niggers, so you can find them. New chips come installed with 'whistle location'. Just whistle and your nigger will start to play the Rocky theme-tune, whilst 30,000 volts are pumped directly into t heir abdomen, rendering them incapable of further escape"
*22:40:11* [Ech] Just dial 1-800-NIGCHIP
*22:40:12* [Chakra`] heh, Chip A Nigger .. CIN
*22:45:21* [Chakra`] using my arms to help express what I say. Then NigChip caught me. Now I have this sweet job and enjoy watching BBC1 !"
*22:42:16* [Ech] heh
*22:43:48* [Ech] "Ready, Steady, Cook is my favourite program of all time. It used to be MTV Base, but the frequencies of drum and bass kept setting off my NigChip. I aim to be a world class Chef, if my criminal record doesn't stop me from getting a job. Thank you NigChip!"
*22:46:10* [Chakra`] Yes, NigChip aims to change the world of african-originated citizens around the world and bring them into the modern era, introducing basic and advanced vocal education such as grammar, and how to say things quietly.
*22:46:38* [Chakra`] What the fuh-uuuhhckkk *electric shock*
*22:47:02* [Sara] heh
*22:47:03* [z] just like the V chip!
*22:47:18* [Ech] NigChip prevents such words as "innit" and "wikkid" by restricting their use to only a single uttering in every 24 hour period. Unwanted Side effects: May reduce lip size, and subsequently reduce lisps
*22:47:27* [Chakra`] Bitch you call this a zinger tower? *zap*
*22:49:10* [Chakra`] gwan'an my blud clat! *kapow*
*22:50:06* [Ech] 'Platinum NigChips come with many employment benefits. Working hand in hand with such solid franchises as McDonalds, Burger King and Subway, if your nigger is ever found out on the street selling crack, he will instantly feel drawn to the nearest Fast Food outlet to look for work. Making your community and families a safer, and cheaper place to live'
*22:53:10* [Ech] 'For an additional cost, NiggerVision (a sister of Macrovision) can now prevent your nigger from even *looking* at a television, let alone attempting to steal one. NigWood (a sister of Kenwood) is yet another feature to prevent your nigger from stealing car stereos, by forcing them to become distracted whilst listening to ABBA, long enough to allow the Police to arrive'

Current Mood: crazycrazy
acidhouse @ 06:46 pm: DECLARED OPEN
Hey! A new Community.. and for what?

For all you gorgeous people, thats who!

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: sugababes - stronger
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